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Dmitri Ivanov, PhD

Dmitri Ivanov, PhD, Assistant Professor- CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research

Room:AHB 5.210.3
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Education:B.Sc. Biophysics, St. Petersburg State University,
B.S. Physics, Northeastern University
Ph.D. Biophysics and Structural Biology, Brandeis University
Post Doctoral:Harvard Medical School

Research Interest:

Research Interests:
1. Assembly of DNA-repair machinery 2. HIV assembly

In our lab we are trying to understand how physical interactions at protein interfaces determine biological outcomes. We are particularly interested in the assembly of higher-order macromolecular structures such as viral shells or multi-subunit cellular machines. Inhibition of protein-protein interactions remains one of the major challenges and opportunities of modern molecular pharmacology, and one of the goals of our studies is to identify critical contacts on protein interfaces that could potentially be blocked for therapeutic purposes. We also develop novel drug-discovery strategies that combine NMR spectroscopy, computational methods and chemical biology tools.

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