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Robert Renthal, PhD

Robert Renthal, PhD, Adjoint Professor

Room:UTSA-BSB 2.03.32
Phone: (210) 458-5452
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Education:Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Columbia University

Research Interest:

Research Interests

1) Insect sensory reception: How is information stored and transferred by social insects? Ant colonies are considered to be prime examples of "self-organizing" systems. We are testing this idea by examining the mechanisms of pheromone signalling by ants, using methods ranging from proteomic analysis and electron microscopy of ant brains to studies of whole colony behavior.

2) Cell membrane assembly: How are integral membrane proteins assembled in lipid bilayers? Using biophysical and genetic methods, we are studying the steps involved in association and folding of model transmembrane peptides and integral membrane proteins.

Selected publications:

  • "Helix insertion into bilayers and the evolution of membrane proteins."
    Renthal, R.
    Cell. Mol. Life Sci.: 2010-01-01; (67); 1077-1088
    PMID:    LINK:
  • "The major antennal chemosensory protein of red imported fire ant workers."
    Gonzalez, D., Zhao, Q., McMahan, C., Velasquez, D., Haskins, W.E., Sponsel, V., Cassill, J.A. & Renthal, R.
    Insect Molecular Biology: 2009-01-01; (18); 395-404
    PMID:    LINK:
  • "Buried water molecules in helical transmembrane proteins."
    Renthal, R.
    Protein Science: 2008-01-01; (17); 293-298
    PMID:    LINK:
  • "Occurence of antennal glands in ants."
    Renthal, R., Velasquez, D., Olmos, D. & Vinson, S.B.
    Microscopy Research and Technique: 2008-01-01; (71); 787-791
    PMID:    LINK:
  • "Transmembrane helix-helix association: relative stabilities at low pH."
    Valluru, N., Silva, F., Dhage, M., Rodriguez, G., Alloor, S.R. & Renthal, R
    Biochemistry: 2006-01-01; (45); 4371-4377
    PMID:    LINK:

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