P. John Hart, PhD photo
P. John Hart, PhD

P. John Hart, PhD, Ewing Halsell-Presidents Council Distinguished Chair in Biochem.

Web Page(s):http://xray.uthscsa.edu
Education:B.A. Chemistry, University of Kansas 1987

B.A. Psychology, University of Kansas 1988

Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin 1993

Post Doctoral:Structural Biology, UCLA 1994-1998
Cross Appointments:Department of Veterans Affairs, South Texas Veterans Health Care System
Other Faculty Positions:Director
X-ray Crystallography Core Laboratory
Awards and Academic Honors:Presidential Senior Research Scholar, UTHSCSA, 2015

Ewing Halsell, Presidents Council Distinguished Chair in Biochemistry, 2006-present

San Antonio Business Journal "Health Care Heroes" Award, 2004

Presidential Junior Research Scholar, UTHSCSA, 2003

CREF New Faculty Award, UTHSCSA, 1999-2001

Howard Hughes Medical Institute New Faculty Award, UTHSCSA, 1998-1999

U.S. Dept. of Energy Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA, 1994-1996

Eakin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research in Biochemistry, UT Austin, 1992

NIH Predoctoral Fellow, UT Austin, 1990-1993

Robert A. Welch Predoctoral Fellow in Chemistry, UT Austin, 1988-1990

Baseball Academic All-Big 8 Conference, University of Kansas, 1988-1990

Personal Statement:We use single crystal X-ray diffraction, together with other biophysical methods, to characterize the structure and action of biological macromolecules important to human health. There are multiple research foci in my laboratory and several of these reflect our long-standing interest in metalloproteins. Examples include the intron debranching enzyme (Dbr1), matrix metalloproteinase-13 (MMP-13), copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (SOD1), and the copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase (Ccs1). We are also interested in bacterial pathogenisis (CARDS toxin, Pgp3) and we seek mechanisms to combat schistosome parasites that infect humans. We are actively engaged in structure-based drug design. I serve as Director of the X-ray Crystallography Core Laboratory at UTHSCSA (http://xray.uthscsa.edu). The mission of the X-ray Core Lab is to bring structure determination technology to all researchers so that they may obtain structures of their own proteins of interest.

Research Interest:

1) NIH-NIAID 1 R01 AI1156910 (Hart/LoVerde) 06/24/15-05/31/20 "Structure-guided redesign of an anti-schistosomal drug". The goal is to use structure-based design to create derivatives of oxamniquine that are effective against all 3 species of schistosomes that infect humans. Role: Co-PI

2) VA 1 I01 BX0025801 (Hart) 10/01/14-09/30/18 VA Biomedical Laboratory Research & Development. "The Intron Debranching Enzyme (Dbr1) in ALS" The goal is to identify inhibitors of the intron debranching enzyme (Dbr1) that may be used as therapeutic agents to treat ALS and FTLD. Role: PI

3) NIH-NIAID 5 U19 AI070412 (Baseman/Hart subproject 3) 08/01/11-07/31/16 "Structure and Action of CARDS Toxin" The goal is to understand the structure/function relationships in community acquired respiratory distress syndrome (CARDS) toxin from M. pneumoniae. Role: PI Subproject 3

4) NIH-NIAMS 1 R01 AR063795 (Fields) 09/17/13-07/31/16 "New Probes for Matrix Metalloproteinase 13" The goals are to develop 2nd and 3rd generation specific inhibitors that may be used as therapeutic agents to treat osteoarthritis and certain melanomas. Role: Co-investigator

5) AQ-1399 (Hart) 06/01/13-05/31/16 Robert A. Welch Foundation "Structural and Chemical Profiling of the Sulfotransferase of Schistosoma" The goals of this research project are to determine the three-dimensional structure of wild type and oxamniquine-resistant variants of SmULT (Schistosoma mansoni sulfotransferase). Role: PI

6) Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation (Hart) 01/01/14-12/31/15 "Inhibitors of Dbr1 Activity Through High Throughput Screening and Structure based Drug Design" The goal is to perform high-throughput screening of a 70,000 small molecule library in the search for Dbr1 inhibitors. Role: PI

7) UTHSCSA/UTSA (Arulandandam) 26-0430-25 UTHSCSA/W911NF-11-1 04/01/11-03/31/16 "Center of Excellence in Infection Genomics" The goals are to train students in the use of X-ray crystallography on projects involving bacterial pathogenesis. Role: Director, Structural Biology component

8) NIH/NCI P30 CA054174 (Thompson) 09/01/14-08/31/15 "Cancer Therapy & Research Center at UTHSCA" The goals are to serve the structural biology needs of cancer researchers at the CTRC. Role: X-ray Core Leader

Please see my publication list.

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(L) SOD5 from C. Albicans. Gleason and Galaleldeen et al. (2013) PNAS USA 111, 5866-5871. (R) Sulfotransferase from S. mansoni. Valentim et al. Science 342, 1385-1389. (L) The immunodominant antigen Pgp3 from C. trachomatis. Galaleldeen and Taylor, et al. (2013) JBC 288, 22068-22079. (R) Community Acquired Respiratory Distress Syndrome toxin from M. pneumoniae. Becker and Kannan et al. (2015) PNAS USA 112, 5165-5170

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Lab Associations:
  Xiaohang Cao, MD, Senior Research Associate
  Stephen Holloway, PhD, Senior Research Associate
  Dmytro Kovalskyy,, PhD
  Alex Taylor, PhD, Assistant Professor/Research

  Nathaniel Clark, PhD, Instructor/Research

Lab Alumni:
  Ahmad Galaleldeen, PhD, Dr. Hart's Lab