Cancer Biology Faculty

Ricardo Aguiar, MD/PhD photo
Ricardo Aguiar, MD/PhD
Associate Professor
Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Maria Gaczynska photo
Maria Gaczynska
Associate Professor
Ubiquitin-proteasome system; Atomic force microscopy
Yogesh Gupta, PhD photo
Yogesh Gupta, PhD
Assistant Professor
RNA Epigenetics, lncRNA, ATP motors
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD photo
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD
Assistant Professor- CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
Jean Jiang, PhD photo
Jean Jiang, PhD
Ashbel Smith Professor
Intercellular communication and intracellular signaling by gap junctions and hemichannels, and connexins in cell growth control
Bruce Nicholson, PhD photo
Bruce Nicholson, PhD
Professor and Chair
Intercellular communication through gap junctions - targets and molecular tools in combating diseases from cancer to deafness.
Shane L. Rea photo
Shane L. Rea
Assistant Professor- Barshop Institute & Dept. Physiology
Yuzuru Shiio, MD/PhD photo
Yuzuru Shiio, MD/PhD
Associate Professor
Cellular senescence; cancer biology; proteomics
Rui Sousa, PhD photo
Rui Sousa, PhD
Conformational Mechanisms in Macromolecular Function
Christian Zwieb, PhD photo
Christian Zwieb, PhD