Primary Faculty

Martin Adamo, PhD photo
Martin Adamo, PhD
Insulin-like growth factor-I regulation of metabolism, musculoskeletal growth and response to stress/damage, and life span
Reto Asmis, PhD photo
Reto Asmis, PhD
Monocyte and Macrophage Dysfunction Associated with Metabolic Disoders, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetic Complications
Borries Demeler, PhD photo
Borries Demeler, PhD
Associate Professor
Analytical Ultracentrifugation; High-performance computing
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD photo
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD
Yogesh Gupta, PhD photo
Yogesh Gupta, PhD
Assistant Professor
RNA Epigenetics, lncRNA, ATP motors
P. John Hart, PhD photo
P. John Hart, PhD
Ewing Halsell-Presidents Council Distinguished Chair in Biochem.
3-D Protein Structure/Action Structure-based Drug Design Biophysics
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD photo
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD
Assistant Professor- CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
Jean Jiang, PhD photo
Jean Jiang, PhD
Ashbel Smith Professor
Intercellular communication and intracellular signaling by gap junctions and hemichannels, and connexins in cell growth control
Eileen M. Lafer, PhD photo
Eileen M. Lafer, PhD
Molecular Machines Involved in Vesicular Traffic
John C. Lee, PhD photo
John C. Lee, PhD
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Regulation of gene expression; mechanism of action of BMPs
Philip LoVerde, PhD photo
Philip LoVerde, PhD
Molecular, Genetic and Immunological Investigation of the human blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni. The overall focus in the lab i
Bruce Nicholson, PhD photo
Bruce Nicholson, PhD
Professor and Chair
Intercellular communication through gap junctions - targets and molecular tools in combating diseases from cancer to deafness.
Philip Serwer, PhD photo
Philip Serwer, PhD
Bacteriophages; DNA Metabolism; Electron Microscopy; Evolution; Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
Yuzuru Shiio, MD/PhD photo
Yuzuru Shiio, MD/PhD
Associate Professor
Cellular senescence; cancer biology; proteomics
Rui Sousa, PhD photo
Rui Sousa, PhD
Conformational Mechanisms in Macromolecular Function
Susan Weintraub, PhD photo
Susan Weintraub, PhD
Biomedical applications of mass spectrometry