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Publication Listing for Jean Jiang, PhD

  • Blockage of hemichannels alters gene expression in osteocytes in high magneto-gravitational environment
    Xu, H., Ning, D., Zhao, D, Chen, Y., Zhao, D., Gu, S., Jiang, J.X., Shang, P.
    Front Biosci: 2017-01-01; 22(); 783-794
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  • N-Glycosylation Influences Transport, but not Cellular Trafficking, of a Neuronal Amino Acid Transporter SNAT1
    Padmanabhan Iyer, R., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    Biochem J: 2016-11-15; 473(22); 4227-4242     Epub: 2016-09-21.
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  • Osteocytic connexin 43 hemichannels suppress breast cancer growth and bone metastasis.
    Zhou, J.Z., Riquelme, M.A., Gu, S., Kar, R., Gao, X., Sun, L and Jiang, J. X.
    Oncogene: 2016-10-27; 35(43); 5597-5607     Epub: 2016-04-04.
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  • Connexin and pannexin channels in cancer
    Jiang, J.X and Penuela, S.
    BMC Cell Biol: 2016-05-24; 17(Suppl 1); 12
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  • Coupling effect of water and proteoglycans on the in situ toughness of bone
    Wang, X., Xu, H., Huang, Y., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Bone Miner Res.: 2016-03-22; 31(5); 1026-9     Epub: 2016-02-02.
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  • Biological responses of osteocytic connexin 43 hemichannels to simulated microgravity
    Xu, H., Liu, R., Ning, D., Zhang, J., Yang, R., Riquelme, M.A., Li, J., Jiang, J.X., and Shang, P.
    J Orthop Res: 2016-03-04; 10();
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  • Connexin arrests cell cycle through cytosolic retention of an E3 ligase Mole
    Shi, Q and Jiang, J.X.
    Mol Cell Oncol: 2016-02-18; 3(2); e1132119
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  • Connexin controls cell cycle exit and cell differentiation by directly promoting cytosolic localization and degradation of E3 ligase Skp2.
    Shi, Q., Gu, S., Yu, X.S., White, T.A., Banks, E.A., and Jiang, J.X.
    Dev. Cell.: 2015-11-23; 35(4); 483-496     Epub: 2015-11-12.
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  • MAPK activated by prostaglandin E2 phosphorylates connexin 43 and closes osteocytic hemichannels in response to continuous flow shear stress
    Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., Kar, R., Lampe, P.D., Jiang, J.X.
    J Biol Chem: 2015-11-20; 290(47); 28321-8     Epub: 2015-10-06.
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  • ATP, a double-edged sword in cancer
    Jiang, J.X., Riquelme, M.A., and Zhou, J.Z.
    Oncoscience: 2015-08-30; 2(8); 673-4
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  • Caspase-2 modulates osteoclastogenesis through down-regulating oxidative stress
    Callaway, D.A., Riquelme, M.A., Sharma, R., Lopez-Cruzan, M., Herman, B.A. and Jiang, J.X.
    Bone: 2015-07-04; 76(); 40-8     Epub: 2015-03-19.
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  • Reactive Oxygen species and oxidative stress in osteoclastogenesis, skeletal aging and bone diseases
    Callaway, D.A, and Jiang, JX.
    J Bone Miner Metab: 2015-05-15; 33(4); 359-70     Epub: 2015-03-26.
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  • Differential impact of adenosine nucleotides released by osteocytes on breast cancer growth and bone metastasis
    Zhou, J.Z., Riquelme, M.A., Ellies, L.G., Sun, L-Z., Jiang, J.X.
    Oncogene: 2015-04-02; 34(14); 1831-42     Epub: 2014-05-19.
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  • Connexin 43 channels are essential for normal bone structure and osteocyte viability
    Xu, H., Gu, S., Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., Callaway, D.A, Cheng, H., Guda, T., Schmitz, J., Fajardo, R., Werner, S.L., Zhao, H., Shang, P., Johnson, M.L., Bonewald, L.F., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Bone Miner Res.: 2015-03-12; 30(3); 436-48
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  • The role of Wnt signaling in fracture healing
    Xu, H., Duan, J., Ning, D., Li, J., Liu, R., Yang, R., Jiang, J.X. and Shang, P.
    BMB Rep: 2014-12-23; 47(12); 666–672
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  • Reduction of proteinuria through podocyte alkaliization
    Altintas, M.M., Moriwaki, K., Wei, C., Moller, C.C., Flesche, J., Li, J., Yaddanapudi, S., Faridi, M.H., Godel, M., Huber, T., Preston, R.A., Jiang, J.X., Kerjaschki, D., Sever, S., and Reiser, J.
    J Biol Chem: 2014-06-20; 289(25); 17454-67     Epub: 2014-05-09.
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  • Connexin43 hemichannels mediae small molecule exchange between chondrocytes and matrix in biomechanically stimulated temporomandibular joint cartilage
    Zhang, J., Zhang, H., Zhang, M., Qiiu, Z., Wu, Y., Callaway, D.A., Jiang, J.X., Jing, L., Yang, T., Wang, M.
    Osteoarthritis Cartilage: 2014-06-14; 22(6); 822-830     Epub: 2014-04-03.
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  • Gap junction and hemichannel independent actions of connexins on cell and tissue functions – an update
    Zhou, J.X. and Jiang, J.X.
    FEBS Lett: 2014-04-17; 588(8); 1186-92     Epub: 2014-01-14.
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  • Direct regulation of osteocytic connexin 43 hemichannels through AKT kinase activated by mechanical stimulation
    Batra, N., Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Biol Chem: 2014-04-11; 289(15); 10582-91     Epub: 2014-02-22.
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  • AQP0 targets interlocking domains to control integrity and transparency of eye lens
    Lo, W-K., Biswas, S., Brako, L., Shiels, A., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci: 2014-03-03; 55(3); 1202-12
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  • 14-3-3θ facilitates plasma membrane delivery and function of mechanosensitive connexin 43 hemichannels
    Batra, N., Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Cell Sci: 2014-01-01; 127(Pt 1); 137-46     Epub: 2013-10-25.
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  • Elevated intracellular Ca2+ signals by oxidative stress activate connexin 43 hemichannels in osteocytes
    Riquelme, M.A. and Jiang, J.X.
    Bone Res: 2013-12-31; 1(4); 355-61
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  • Antibodies targeting extracellular domain of connexins for studies of hemichannels
    Riquelme, M.A., Kar, R., Gu, S., Jiang, J.X.
    Neuropharmacology: 2013-12-12; 75(); 525-532     Epub: 2013-03-13.
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  • Cataract-causing mutation of human connexin 46 impairs gap junction, but increases hemichannel function and cell death
    Ren, Q., Riquelme, M.A., Xu, J., Yang, X., Nicholson, B.J., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    PLoS One: 2013-09-03; 8(9); e74732
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  • Disruption in connexin-based communication is associated with intracellular Ca2+ signal alterations in astrocytes from Niemann-Pick type C mice
    Sáez, P.J., Orellana, J.A., Vega-Riveros, N., Figueroa, V.A., Hernández, D.E., Castro, J.F., Klein, A.D., Jiang, J.X., Zanlungo, S. and Sáez, J.C.
    PLoS One: 2013-08-15; 8(8); e71361
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  • ATP is required and advances the cytokine-induced gap junction formation in microglia in vitro
    Sáez, P.J., Shoji, K.F., Retamal, R., Harcha, P.A., Ramirez, G., Jiang, J.X., Von Bernhardi, R.; and Saez, J.C.
    Mediators Inflamm: 2013-07-21; 2013(); 216402     Epub: 2013-04-23.
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  • Connexin 43 channels protect osteocytes against oxidative stress-induced cell death.
    Kar, R., Riquelme, M.A., Werner, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Bone Miner Res.: 2013-07-03; 28(7); 1611-21
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  • Identification of a disulfide bridge important for transport function of SNAT4 neutral amino acid transporter
    Padmanabhan, R., Gu, S. Xu, J., Nicholson, B.J. and Jiang, J.X.
    PLoS One: 2013-06-12; 8(2); e56792     Epub: 2013-02-22.
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  • Gap junction and hemichannel functions in osteocytes
    Loiselle, A.E., Jiang, J.X., Donahue, H.J.
    Bone: 2013-06-02; 54(2); 205-212     Epub: 2012-10-13.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Glucocorticoids and osteocyte autophagy
    Yao, W. Dai, W., Jiang, J.X. and Lane, N.E.
    Bone: 2013-06-02; 54(2); 279-84     Epub: 2013-01-26.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Glucocorticoids and osteocyte autophagy.
    Yao W, Dai W, Jiang JX, Lane NE
    Bone: 2013-06-01; 54(2); 279-84     Epub: 2013-01-26.
    PMID: 23356984    LINK:
  • Application of sustained delivery microsphere of cyclosporine A for preventing posterior capsular opacification in rabbits.
    Pei C, Xu Y, Jiang JX, Cui LJ, Li L, Qin L
    Int J Ophthalmol: 2013-04-13; 6(1); 1-7     Epub: 2013-02-18.
    PMID: 23550193    LINK:
  • Antibodies targeting extracellular domain of connexins for studies of hemichannels.
    Riquelme MA, Kar R, Gu S, Jiang JX
    Neuropharmacology: 2013-03-13; ();     Epub: 2013-03-13.
    PMID: 23499293    LINK:
  • Residue cysteine 232 is important for substrate transport of neutral amino acid transporter, SNAT4.
    Padmanabhan R, Gu S, Nicholson BJ, Jiang JX
    Int J Biochem Mol Biol: 2013-02-21; 3(4); 374-83     Epub: 2012-12-24.
    PMID: 23301202    LINK:
  • Gap junctions and hemichannels in signal transmission, function and development of bone
    Batra, N., Kar, R., and Jiang, J.X.
    Biochem. Biophys. Acta: 2012-08-18; 1818(); 1909-1918     Epub: 2011-09-22.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Biological role of connexin intercellular channels and hemichannels
    Kar, R., Batra, N., Riquelme, M. A. and Jiang, J.X.
    Acta. Biochem. Biophys: 2012-08-01; 524(); 2-15     Epub: 2012-03-17.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Developmental truncations of connexin 50 by caspases adaptively regulate gap junctions/hemichannels and protect cells against UV radiation.
    Wang, K., Gu, S., Yin, X., Weintraub, S.T., Hua, Z. and Jiang, J.X.
    J. Biol. Chem.: 2012-05-14; 287(); 15786-15797     Epub: 2012-03-14.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Mechanical stress-activated integrin α5β1 induces opening of connexin 43 hemichannels.
    Batra, N, Burra, S., Siller-Jackson, A.J, Gu, S., Xia, X., Weber, G.F., DeSimone, D., Bonewald L.F., Lafer E.M., Sprague, E., Schwartz, M.A., and Jiang, J.X.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.: 2012-02-28; 109(9); 3359-3364     Epub: 2012-02-13.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Membrane topological structure of SNAT4 neutral amino acid transporter
    Shi, Q., Padmanabhan, R., Villegas, C.J., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X.
    J. Biol. Chem.: 2011-11-04; 286(); 38086-38094     Epub: 2011-09-14.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Phosphorylation of connexin 50 by protein kinase A enhances gap junction and hemichannel function.
    Liu J, Ek Vitorin JF, Weintraub ST, Gu S, Shi Q, Burt JM, Jiang JX
    J Biol Chem: 2011-05-13; 286(19); 16914-28     Epub: 2011-03-24.
    PMID: 21454606    LINK:
  • Regulation of cellular function by connexin hemichannels.
    Burra, S. and Jiang, J.X.
    Int. J. Biochem. Mol. Biol.: 2011-04-28; 2(2); 119-128     Epub: 2011-02-28.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Aquaporin 0 enhances gap junction coupling via its cell adhesion function and interaction with connexin 50.
    Liu J, Xu J, Gu S, Nicholson BJ, Jiang JX
    J Cell Sci: 2011-01-15; 124(Pt 2); 198-206     Epub: 2010-12-20.
    PMID: 21172802    LINK:
  • Dark horse in osteocyte biology: Glycocalyx around the dendrites is critical for osteocyte mechanosensing.
    Burra S, Nicolella DP, Jiang JX
    Commun Integr Biol: 2011-01-01; 4(1); 48-50
    PMID: 21509177    LINK:
  • Regional changes of aquaporin 0 and connexin 50 associated with cortical cataract formation in the Emory mouse
    Biswas, S.K., Brako, L., Gu, S., Jiang, J.X. and Lo, W-K.
    Exp Eye Res: 2010-10-22; 127(); 132-42     Epub: 2010-07-31.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Dendritic process of osteocytes is a mechanotransducer that induces the opening of hemichannels
    Burra, S., Nicolella. D.P., Francis, W.L., Freitas, C.J., Mueschke, N.J., Poole, C., and Jiang, J.X.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA: 2010-08-03; 107(31); 13648-13653     Epub: 2010-07-19.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Connexin mutation that causes dominant congenital cataracts inhibits gap junctions, but not hemichannels, in a dominant negative manner.
    Banks EA, Toloue MM, Shi Q, Zhou ZJ, Liu J, Nicholson BJ, Jiang JX
    J Cell Sci: 2009-02-01; 122(Pt 3); 378-88     Epub: 2009-01-06.
    PMID: 19126675    LINK:
  • Adaptation of connexin 43-hemichannel prostaglandin release to mechanical loading.
    Siller-Jackson AJ, Burra S, Gu S, Xia X, Bonewald LF, Sprague E, Jiang JX
    J Biol Chem: 2008-09-26; 283(39); 26374-82     Epub: 2008-07-31.
    PMID: 18676366    LINK:
  • Differential expression of connexins during histogenesis of the chick retina.
    Kihara AH, Paschon V, Akamine PS, Saito KC, Leonelli M, Jiang JX, Hamassaki DE, Britto LR
    Dev Neurobiol: 2008-09-15; 68(11); 1287-302
    PMID: 18506822    LINK:
  • Lens fiber connexin turnover and caspase-3-mediated cleavage are regulated alternately by phosphorylation.
    Yin X, Liu J, Jiang JX
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2008-05-01; 15(1); 1-11
    PMID: 18649174    LINK:
  • Role of gap junction, hemichannels, and connexin 43 in mineralizing in response to intermittent and continuous application of parathyroid hormone.
    Cherian PP, Xia X, Jiang JX
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2008-05-01; 15(1); 43-54
    PMID: 18649177    LINK:
  • Promotion of lens epithelial-fiber differentiation by the C-terminus of connexin 45.6 a role independent of gap junction communication.
    Banks EA, Yu XS, Shi Q, Jiang JX
    J Cell Sci: 2007-10-15; 120(Pt 20); 3602-12     Epub: 2007-09-25.
    PMID: 17895360    LINK:
  • Regulation of renal amino acid transporters during metabolic acidosis.
    Moret C, Dave MH, Schulz N, Jiang JX, Verrey F, Wagner CA
    Am J Physiol Renal Physiol: 2007-02-01; 292(2); F555-66     Epub: 2006-09-26.
    PMID: 17003226    LINK:
  • Roles of gap junctions and hemichannels in bone cell functions and in signal transmission of mechanical stress.
    Jiang JX, Siller-Jackson AJ, Burra S
    Front Biosci: 2007-01-01; 12(); 1450-62     Epub: 2007-01-01.
    PMID: 17127393    LINK:
  • Mechanical loading stimulates expression of connexin 43 in alveolar bone cells in the tooth movement model.
    Gluhak-Heinrich J, Gu S, Pavlin D, Jiang JX
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2006-01-01; 13(1-2); 115-25
    PMID: 16613785    LINK:
  • Differential regulation of amino acid transporter SNAT3 by insulin in hepatocytes.
    Gu S, Villegas CJ, Jiang JX
    J Biol Chem: 2005-07-15; 280(28); 26055-62     Epub: 2005-05-16.
    PMID: 15899884    LINK:
  • Mechanical strain opens connexin 43 hemichannels in osteocytes: a novel mechanism for the release of prostaglandin.
    Cherian PP, Siller-Jackson AJ, Gu S, Wang X, Bonewald LF, Sprague E, Jiang JX
    Mol Biol Cell: 2005-07-01; 16(7); 3100-6     Epub: 2005-04-20.
    PMID: 15843434    LINK:
  • Developmental regulation of the direct interaction between the intracellular loop of connexin 45.6 and the C terminus of major intrinsic protein (aquaporin-0).
    Yu XS, Yin X, Lafer EM, Jiang JX
    J Biol Chem: 2005-06-10; 280(23); 22081-90     Epub: 2005-03-31.
    PMID: 15802270    LINK:
  • Gap junction- and hemichannel-independent actions of connexins.
    Jiang JX, Gu S
    Biochim Biophys Acta: 2005-06-10; 1711(2); 208-14     Epub: 2004-10-22.
    PMID: 15955305    LINK:
  • Interaction of major intrinsic protein (aquaporin-0) with fiber connexins in lens development.
    Yu XS, Jiang JX
    J Cell Sci: 2004-02-29; 117(Pt 6); 871-80     Epub: 2004-02-03.
    PMID: 14762116    LINK:
  • Effects of mechanical strain on the function of Gap junctions in osteocytes are mediated through the prostaglandin EP2 receptor.
    Cherian PP, Cheng B, Gu S, Sprague E, Bonewald LF, Jiang JX
    J Biol Chem: 2003-10-31; 278(44); 43146-56     Epub: 2003-08-25.
    PMID: 12939279    LINK:
  • Stimulation of lens cell differentiation by gap junction protein connexin 45.6.
    Gu S, Yu XS, Yin X, Jiang JX
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci: 2003-05-01; 44(5); 2103-11
    PMID: 12714649    LINK:
  • Mouse system-N amino acid transporter, mNAT3, expressed in hepatocytes and regulated by insulin-activated and phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent signalling.
    Gu S, Langlais P, Liu F, Jiang JX
    Biochem J: 2003-05-01; 371(Pt 3); 721-31
    PMID: 12537539    LINK:
  • Hemichannels formed by connexin 43 play an important role in the release of prostaglandin E(2) by osteocytes in response to mechanical strain.
    Jiang JX, Cherian PP
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2003-01-01; 10(4-6); 259-64
    PMID: 14681026    LINK:
  • In vivo differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into hepatocytes.
    Choi D, Oh HJ, Chang UJ, Koo SK, Jiang JX, Hwang SY, Lee JD, Yeoh GC, Shin HS, Lee JS, Oh B
    Cell Transplant: 2002-01-01; 11(4); 359-68
    PMID: 12162376    LINK:
  • The development-associated cleavage of lens connexin 45.6 by caspase--3-like protease is regualated by casein kinase II-mediated phosphorylation
    Yin X., Gu S., Jiang JX
    J. Biol. Chem.: 2001-09-14; 276(37); 34567-34572
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Prostaglandin E2 is essential for gap junction-mediated intercellular communication between osteocytes in response to mechanical strain
    Cheng B, Kato Y, Zhao S, Luo J, Sprague E, Bonewald LF
    Endocrinology: 2001-08-01; 142(8); 3464-3473
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Identification and characterization of an N-system amino acid transporter expressed in retina and its involvement in glutamine transport
    Gu, S., Roderick, H.L., Camacho, P., and Jiang, J.X.
    J Biol Chem: 2001-06-29; 276(26); 24137-44     Epub: 2001-04-26.
    PMID:    LINK:
  • A novel human amino acid transporter, PAAT1: cDNA cloning, chromosomal mapping, genomic structure, expression and functional characterization
    Gu, S., Adan-Rice, D., Leach, R.J. and Jiang, J.X.
    Genomics: 2001-06-15; 74(3); 262-72
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Expression of functional gap junctions and regulation by fluid flow in osteocyte-like MLO-Y4 cells
    Cheng, B., Zhao, S., Luo, J., Sprague, E., Bonewald, L.F. and Jiang, J.X.
    J Bone Miner Res: 2001-02-13; 16(2); 249-59
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Use of retrovirus to express connexins
    Jiang, J.X.
    Methods in Molecular Biology, Gap Junction Protocols: 2001-02-02; 154(); 159-74
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Expression of functional gap junctions and regulation by fluid flow in osteocyte-like MLO-Y4 cells
    Cheng B, Kato Y, Luo J, Zhao S, Sprague E, Bonewald LF, Jiang JX
    J. Bone Miner. Res.: 2001-02-01; 16(2); 249-259
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Regulation of lens connexin 45.6 by apoptotic protease, caspase-3.
    Yin X, Gu S, Jiang JX
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2001-01-01; 8(4-6); 373-6
    PMID: 12064621    LINK:
  • Mechanical stimulation of gap junctions in bone osteocytes is mediated by prostaglandin E2.
    Jiang JX, Cheng B
    Cell Commun Adhes: 2001-00-00; 8(4-6); 283-8
    PMID: 12064603    LINK:
  • Identification and characterization of an amino acid transporter expressed differentially in liver
    Gu, S., Roderick, H.L., Camacho, P., and Jiang, J.X.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A: 2000-03-28; 97(7); 3230-5
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Phosphorylation of lens fiber connexin 45.6 on Ser363 by casein kinase II and its functional significance
    Yin, X., Jedrzejewski, P., and Jiang, J.X.
    J. Biol. Chem: 2000-03-10; 275(); 6850-6856
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Formation of heteromeric gap junction channels by connexins 40 and 43 in vascular smooth muscle cells
    He, D., Jiang, J.X., Taffet, S. M. and Burt, J.M.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A: 1999-05-25; 96(11); 6495-500
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Retroviral expression of connexins in embryonic chick lens
    Jiang, J.X. and Goodenough, D.A.
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci: 1998-03-21; 39(3); 537-43
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Expression of retroviruses containing connexins in chick embryonic lens in situ
    Jiang, J.X. and Goodenough, D.A.
    Gap Junctions. ed. R. Werner, IOS Press: 1998-03-13; 10(); 96-101
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Phosphorylation of lens-fiber connexins in lens organ cultures
    Jiang, J.X. and Goodenough, D.A.
    Eur J Biochem: 1998-01-01; 255(1); 37-44
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Heteromeric connexon formation in lens gap junctions
    Jiang, J.X., and Goodenough, D.A.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A: 1996-02-06; 93(3); 1287-91
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Changes in connexin expression and distribution during chick lens development
    Jiang, J.X., White, T.W., and Goodenough, D.A.
    Dev Biol: 1995-04-23; 168(2); 649-61
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Molecular cloning and functional characterization of chick lens fiber connexin 45.6
    Jiang, J.X., White, T.W., Goodenough, D.A., and Paul, D.L.
    Mol Biol Cell: 1994-03-14; 5(3); 363-73
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Posttranslational phosphorylation of lens fiber connexin 46: a slow occurrence
    Jiang, J.X., Paul, D.L., and Goodenough, D.A.
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci: 1993-12-13; 34(13); 3558-65
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Insight into membrane protein folding and translocation from the behavior of bacterial toxins: models for membrane translocation
    London, E., Ulbrandt, N.D., Tortorella, D., Jiang, J.X., and Abrams, F.S.
    Soc Gen Physiol Ser: 1993-03-21; 48(); 45-61
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Self-translocation of diphtheria toxin across model membranes
    Jiang, J.X., Chung, L.A., and London, E.
    J Biol Chem.: 1991-12-15; 266(35); 24003-10
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Folding changes in membrane-inserted diphtheria toxin that may play important roles in its translocation
    Jiang, J.X., Abrams, F., and London, E.
    Biochemistry: 1991-04-23; 30(16); 3857-64
    PMID:    LINK:
  • Involvement of denaturation-like changes in Pseudomonas exotoxin A hydrophobicity and membrane penetration determined by characterization of pH and thermal transitions.
    Jiang, J.X., and London, E.
    J Biol Chem.: 1990-05-25; 265(15); 8636-41
    PMID:    LINK: