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Numerical Recipes in C

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Numerical recipes provides a number of extremely well written, well documented, robust, and easy-to-use C programming routines for incorportation into ones own C code. A copy of the numerical recipes in C book can be found in Dr. Hinck's office. To utilize any of these routines in one's own C code, take the following steps:

1) Add the following header file at the top of your source code :

#include "/u/progs/nr/recipes_c-ansi/include/nrutil.h"

2) Then, in your code simply incorporate any of the numerical recipes routines - NOTE , it is NOT necessary to type out a prototype for any of these functions as this is taken care of by the nrutil header file, as well as by the specification of the nr libraries at compile time (see step 3).

3) To compile your code, simply incorporate the following two command line options (in addition to any other command line options which you would normally use) to compile your code:

-L/u/progs/nr/recipes_c-ansi/recipes -lrecipes_c

NOTE: This code is copyrighted. A fee has been paid to Cambridge University Press for use of this software. Therefore, you are not free to copy any of the routines from their present location, or to distribute them in any other way.

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Last updated on February 29, 2004