Literature relative to phage sequence analysis.

This page is a gathering point for links from our phage sequence database system into the literature. We accumulate various notes here about the contents of papers that we have had reason to refer to from inside the database system. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive review of phage literature, although if it is helpful to anyone, they are welcome to use it. -- Stephen C. Hardies

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  • Says gene map similar to lambda phage is absence of sequence similarity.
  • Contains a ClpP protease family member.

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  • Adds the exo-T evens to the schizo T-evens, etc.
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  • Strongly features the statement that phage do not have equal access to the pool.  They clarify this as an issue of host range.
  • This is the citation that Hendrix gives to justify deeper relationships among phage types than the impression given by frequent isolation of phages with little sequence similarity.
  • More literature on mosaic tail fibers:
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  • Shows homology relationships among the groups lambdoid (lambda, HK97, HK022),  phi C31 (of Streptomyces),  mycophages (L5, D29), crytpic mycophages (phi Rv1, phi Rv2), and phi flu (of Haemophilus).
  • Notes that the coli lambdoid group was not recognized to have affinity with the mycophages until phi C31 showed up with strong affinities to both (although apparently in different sets of genes).
  • Shows a few relations to genes in other phage:
  • TM4 primase to mycophage and phi C31.
  • Also P4 primase to phi C31.
  • T4 nucleotide kinase to phi C31.
  • T4 and P2 tail fibers to lambdoid group.
  • HP1 tail fiber to phi flu.
  • SPP1 and PBSX terminases to phi flu.
  • Sfi21 anti repressor to phi flu.
  • TM4 L5 and tail proteins to mycophages.
  • rlt and TM4 portal protein to mycophages.
  • Other than T4, are any of these not temperate?
  • For method of horizontal exchange, cites 16k per Mya acquired by E. coli by horizontal transfer, citing Lawrence, J. G. & Ochman, H. (1998) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95, 9413-9417; hence their model is strongly biased towards temperate phage. They think exhange by coinfection is vigorous, but confined along host lines.
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  • X91069
  • Recognized as a myovirus.
  • 10152 bp sequenced segment.  Tail sheath and capsid proteins very divergent from other phages at the time, and were identified by biochemical means.
  • Capsid cleaved after Lys 23 during maturation.
  • Subsequently this structural module found in Staphlococcus phageK and B. subtilis phageD.
  • Host is Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Included biochemical analysis of promters, and definition of a TGCTAGATTATAG -10 box for late transcription in this phage.

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  • Cites Tamanoi et al., (1980) for identifying the primary ori to a 129 bp fragment at 14.75-15.0.
  • Involvies T7 RNA polymerase promoters phi 1.1A and phi 1.1B followed by a 61 bp 79% A+T segment with 7 copies of TTAA, and a single 3' CTGGG 5' primase recognition site.
  • This paper characerizes secondary origins, defined as origins that begin to function if the primary origin is deleted.
  • The CTGGG is not required.
  • The AT block is required.
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  • Two genes in coliphage N4 (p7, p4) correspond to the N and C terminal parts of T7 RNA polymerase.  2ndary struture and motif alignments are given in the paper.
  • A fusion protein of the two works.
  • N4 is not completely sequenced, so its overall relation to T7 is difficult to ascertain.
  • Suggests that single chain T7 RNA polymerase may have been created by a fusion, or vice versa.
  • N4 gp17 is a ssDNA binding protein required for the RNA polymerase to function.
  • In earlier papers by this group: N4 is 72,000 bp linear, with terminal repeats and variable sticky ends.
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